Friday, April 18, 2008

Expelled is out today....

So Expelled comes out today. I actually forgot that it was out, until I googled it to see if Expelled Exposed has overtaken it in the search results yet. It hasn't, but it has moved from the second to the first page. Anyway, it's playing in the movie theater near me. The masochistic part of me wants to see it, but I will absolutely not pay to do so. Another part of me wants to stand outside of the movie theater handing out informational packets about evolution, with the URL of Expelled Exposed or something. But I have 2 exams and an essay to worry about so I don't have the time to create these packets and stand outside of the theater distributing them. I also don't live in an area where too many people will buy into the message of the movie. Hopefully.

If you are as depressed about the whole Expelled thing as I am, this may cheer you up (From

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